Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Getting Money Now

I'm tired of having a empty money clip. Click Here! So what I need to do is go ahead and figure out a way to get some money. The bills are due and I need cash in a hurry. Tired of sitting around waiting on payday's so I got myself a payday loan.


Cash Advance Loan Application

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Step 2
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*Are You Active Military or Dependent?

*What Are Your Next Scheduled Paydates?
*Pay Date One (mm/dd/yyyy)

*Pay Date Two (mm/dd/yyyy)

Step 3
Financial Information
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*ABA/Routing Number

*Account Number

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Hey! These days the name of the game is called,"SURVIVAL" so you have to get money the best way you can. Of course I'm not talking about doing anything illegal, but you have to use your resources.

Pay Day Loans, Title loans,and Personal loans

         Don't be ashamed if you have to get a Pay Day loan of some kind. We don't want to get them because they seem to sometimes put us in debt. But that's only if you don't use them correctly. If you use them with caution they will benefit you in tough situations. Just make sure you pay back what you owe to avoid having bad credit. Here are some places where you can get a loan:

Speedy Cash
Check 'n Go
Ace Cash Express
Advance America
Cash Advance

I filled my money clip with money from these guys.


Put some of your loan money aside to help pay your loan off easier!